Scientists have found out that the Corona virus can stay on the surface for a long time after examining how long this dangerous virus survives.

This dangerous disease is a fact.

Consider the situation if the products are for sale in bulk in the stores and if a person carrying the virus coughs or sneezes and finally spreads his discharge on the surface of these products, how many individuals and families would be affected?

So in this situation, packaging is extremely important. Nowadays people in the community do not consider bulk and open food reliable. Because they can easily come into contact with the hands of others or, most importantly, become infected with the virus through the carrier’s secretions.

It should be noticed that in this situation, it takes at least a year for the ideal cleansing of the corona virus from the world, so it is better for people to use packaged and safe and healthy food products in order to be protected from viruses.

People have found out that in order to stay healthy these days, they need to use safe corporate products, however they may be a little more expensive than the bulk type.

Given the current situation, the evidence that emerges, as well as the opinion of our experts, very suitable conditions have emerged so that in these days when people are more interested in the culture of packaged products, food companies are using this as an opportunity. Identify and in order to gain profitability and credibility of your brand in relation to their products, consider the packaging system as a good way and change their work method as soon as possible.

Packaging by method (MAP) is currently one of the newest methods for packaging food products, which is approved and supported by the Food and Drug Administration, because the products in this method can be completely hygienic by safer packaging materials. Also, the shelf life of products in this method can be increased with much fewer chemical additives and instead of using inert gases, to control aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, and to produce and package healthy food products, Take a big step.

Article preparation by: Food Industry Unit of West Asia Steel Machine Manufacturing Company

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