What is packing with modified atmosphere method?

Everyone knows that food doesn’t always stay fresh. The milk turns sour, the bread is moldy, the meat is brown and smells. Many factors cause food spoilage. Oxygen in the air can produce a process of failure called oxidation. For example, fats and oils in foods can oxidize and spoil.

One of the main reasons for the deterioration of food products is the growth of microbes such as bacteria, yeasts and molds. These microbes feed and grow on food and make it deteriorate.

The appearance of food products can change over time due to exposure to air. For example, fresh red meat turns brown after a while due to the chemical interaction between oxygen and pigments in its tissue.

There are different ways to slow down these spoilable processes and keep food products safe from these destructive things, one of which can be refrigerator storage, because the lower the temperature, the lower the rate of growth of germs, and other methods can be used to keep together with acid, the process of cooking with salt, or adding chemical preservatives can be noticed.

However, keeping food fresh as much as possible without adding additives is now considered a major challenge. sealing a film on its opening is one of the most important technologies for achieving this goal and also packaging with a mixture of natural gases with precisely controlled ratios, can significantly slow down the perishability rate by inhibiting the oxidation process and the growth of microbes.

In order to pack a product with modified atmosphere method, advanced machinery is needed to send air out of the package and instead replace it with a precise gas compound and finally by sealing a film on the opening of the container we can only put our gas compound with the product inside the package and also prevent other gases in it.


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