history of the company

West Asia Steel, with a brilliant history in the packaging machinery industry, has been operating for about 22 years and has been specialized in designing and manufacturing various types of tray sealer packaging machines for 10 years.

Customer Orientation

In business science, we can better communicate with our customers through ethical methods and responding to their needs.

Constantly talking to customers and listening to their concerns helps us identify our weaknesses and achieve greater success.

Purpose and vision

Food packaging in a beautiful, environmentally friendly and easy to use way leads to greater reliability and productivity.

Increasing the quality of packaging and preserving the product will increase the profit of customers.

An innovative solution and new thinking will increase your competitive advantage.


We take responsibility for informing to our customers about the proper use of this technology.

A good purchase happens when it is accompanied by full awareness.

There is also a successful business after investing when accompanied by detailed guidance.

The reason for choosing this company

The structure of the machine design and manufacturing unit, along with the experts who are looking for the right guidance for customers, is one of the important reasons for choosing this company.

Leading the way in providing the required technologies in the field of tray sealer packaging machines and our valuable experiences in this industry, make this company as the top designer and manufacturer of this type of machines in the country and one of the contenders in international markets.

This company can properly meet the needs of customers in the field of technologies related to these devices.


The using of appropriate materials with high quality is one of the principles of our work.

We are sincerely committed to meeting the required standards in the design and manufacture of our machines.

The beauty of packaging

Your packaging is an important element in your marketing strategy.

In addition to protecting your product from environmental influences, packaging can also help you better sell your product and brand it.

Technology and innovations

Using the demands of customers and their valuable ideas on how to package products, the company has been able to respond to these needs, products designed in accordance with modern technology and after manufacturing to meet their needs.

Our customers

The customers of this company are a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers, as follows:

Manufacturers of food products

Medical and pharmaceutical companies

Companies producing industrial and consumer products


Our customers can benefit from the valuable experiences of the experts of the technical unit of this company to choose the right device and equipment they need.