This collection has a separate department called quality control, which consists of a professional and experienced engineering team that monitors all the steps from the first stages of preparing the device to the complete completion and presentation of the device to the customer, they identify and fix errors step by step and corrects them.

Our devices are equipped with precise and advanced control systems that guarantee the correct operation of the devices without errors. One of the most important concerns of this collection is to provide high-quality devices to customers, and in this regard, West Asia Steel uses the best materials and equipment in the world in its devices.

The things that make our devices function correctly and without errors and are designed according to the standards of the world, the use of sensors from high-quality brands with very high quality and precise performance, electronic parts from very high-quality and high-precision brands. And the stop, start and emergency keys are from the best brands in the market, pneumatic parts are from high- quality brands in the market, the materials used in the device are all made of steel (304L according to standard analysis) and quality aluminum alloys.

In line to improve the performance of the devices, West Asia Steel has designed a very necessary and up-to-date system called Remote Maintenance on its new systems in order to be able to service the customers’ devices from any location. The point has access to it from inside the country or abroad, and if the devices need new programs or new updates, these updates can be done through this system and without visiting the customer’s location in order to improve the performance of the devices.