This company by Using years of experience and purposeful efforts, currently recognized as the first place in the field of technologies related to tray sealer packaging machines in country. Also, due to the same issue and due to the high quality level and the design of its machines based on the latest technologies of the world, it has been selected as the only knowledge-based company in this field by the relevant institutions of the country and supported by the vice president of science and technology. We will be a republic.

West Asia Steel Machinery is currently one of the contenders in the international arena, and now, due to its quality and required standards, the products of this company are exported to Asian countries and some European countries.

Our products have valid warranty and after-sales service. The seal of approval of this issue is our performance in the past and present years, which is considered one of our strengths.
Currently, this group has been able to design a wide range of devices and options related to Tray sealer packaging machines and offer them to the market after construction.
The most important issue in our work is the design and construction of our machines based on the required qualities and the use of high-quality parts in the machines.

The reason for choosing this company

The structure of the machine design and manufacturing unit, along with the experts who are looking for the right guidance for customers, is one of the important reasons for choosing this company.

Leading the way in providing the required technologies in the field of tray sealer packaging machines and our valuable experiences in this industry, make this company as the top designer and manufacturer of this type of machines in the country and one of the contenders in international markets.

This company can properly meet the needs of customers in the field of technologies related to these devices.

Our goal is not just to sell a device, because a device must be provided to the customer with the science and technologies it needs.

Due to this, West Asia Steel has been recognized as the only knowledge-based company in the field of design and manufacture of various types of tray sealer packaging machines, by the Vice President for Science and Technology. And due to the need of the country’s producers for the company’s products, it has been supported by this institution.

The quality of the company’s products is such that it has been able to operate in international markets and export its machinery to Asian and European countries.

The policy of the company’s experts is to accurately identify customer needs, guide and provide relevant solutions, and finally introduce products. Because useful information makes the customer successful in choosing the right device and in the purchase.

Which companies do you choose for your purchase and production of West Asia Steel Tray sealer packaging machines?

Companies that are looking for the best brand of this type of machinery in the country.
• Companies for whom the beauty of the packaging is very, very important and want their business to prosper more after buying and using the device and have special and unique differences in their product marketing compared to their competitors.
• Companies that want to be placed at a higher credit level in domestic organizations in relation to the use of West Asia Steel Machinery Company machines.
• Companies that are looking for a device with a high technical and engineering coefficient and so-called non-market.
• People who are looking for packaging with the MAP method in a completely accurate way and are looking for a strong, reliable reference, approved by the country’s universities and relevant institutions.
• Collections that are looking for a high quality level and high-quality parts in the device.
•Those who are looking for a device with modern technology and devices and accessories for automatic packaging with less labor intervention during work and high hygiene of the product during packaging are important for them.
•Those who are looking for an innovative and creative company in order to create modern technology on their machines, in order to better serve the production sets, and tries to provide them access to these facilities at a much lower price be made than European examples.
• Managers who need food industry advice and technical and engineering advice with a high scientific level after purchasing it in order to choose the right device and how to do the work.
• Managers for whom timely warranty and no-excuse after-sales service are of particular importance.

  • West Asia steel selection (equal to)
    • Choose the best brand
    • Technology choice
    • Choice of quality
    • Choosing a business boom