Film Types

Since the company specializes in packaging food products as well as medical and pharmacy, so we have the necessary and accurate information about how to choose the correct type of film and container for packaging the desired product of the customer.

We have experienced and capable experts in providing services related to film and container to customers and make it possible for them to provide the customer with the best possible price and the requirements for the film and container.

The films that the company can provide to customers are as follows:

Anti-fog films

Skin Pack Films

Multilayer barrier Films

Typical 2-layer films

Container Types

West Asia Steel Company offers containers with various materials for food and pharmaceutical purposes.

Microwave containers

Containers that need to be placed in autoclave up to 120°C and pasteurization is performed on them.

Containers that need to be stored up to -20 °C after the product is placed inside them.

Containers that need to be impermeable and can maintain the vacuum inside the package and prevent gases from entering and exiting.

Color containers for packing the product with an attractive shape

Due to its expertise in the packaging machinery manufacturing industry, West Asia Steel Company can offer customers trays related to the production of containers.


Therefore, those customers who need a container with a unique shape to pack their product to be different from the general containers available in the market, can be made after presenting their design and prototype by 3D printer machine and finally customer approval, the tray will be made and then the container is produced with the number of requests.