High Speed tray sealer Packaging Machine

Automatic tray sealer machine in accordance with the latest technologies in the world
High speed – accurate – intelligent
Enhancing beauty and improving packaging by West Asia steel tray sealer packaging machines

High Speed tray sealer packaging machine can pack products with much higher speed and unique efficiency than general type of automatic machines.

Having motion systems with servo motor to guide containers into the tray and exit from the device

Servo motor system with precise and powerful gearbox to move the tray of the device

Servo motor in the unwinding system for precise movement and prevent tearing and deviation of the film

resistant 304 Stainless steel body to corrosion and oxidation

Easy maintenance, washable

High Efficiency – Long Life – Energy Efficiency

economical and user-friendly design

Types of packaging methods by this machine

This method of packaging is the most common type of packaging. In this case, the film is cut from 2 to 2.5 mm from around the container and then packed on the opening of the container.

Packing with natural atmosphere method, in which case the product will only be safe against physical contact and mechanical impacts.

The modified atmosphere packaging method, which causes the atmosphere inside the package to be modified by the specified gas composition and finally the shape, color and freshness of the product to be preserved for a specified period of time. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen gases are usually used to correct the atmosphere inside the packaging.

This type of packaging is one of the common methods. After being placed inside the container, the product is packaged by a vacuum that causes the atmosphere to escape from inside it.

Packaging by controlling the respiration rate of the product inside the package, which is removed through micrometer holes, oxygen required by the supply package and excess carbon dioxide. This method can ultimately increase the shelf life of products such as fruits, vegetables and salads.

This type of packaging is used for products that the film should be easily removed from the container opening when using. Therefore, the tab created by this method can help to do this more easily.

Products that must be placed in buckets should be packed by this method. The buckets usually have high heights.

Packing of round opening containers is done by outside cut method.

Device drive system: servo motor with special gearbox with high precision and power

Unwinding system: Servo Motor, has precise film control and prevents deviation and rupture in film

Container guidance system for entering and exiting the device: servo motor for controlling speed and acceleration and identifying the exact position

Input Conveyor System: Servo Motor

Device speed:

In vacuum packing and gas injection system: 7 to 10 cycles per minute

In the case of packaging in the form of a simple seal: 10 to 20 cycles per minute

Ability to work with plastic film, aluminum foil and metallization film

Vacuum system and gas injection for packing by MAP method

To maintain freshness and increase product shelf life

Machine Control System: PLC with HMI colored control panel

2 languages

Accurate control systems for more correct operation of the device

Tray material: High quality aluminum alloy

inflatable shaft in the roll part of the machine

Roll replacement is done as soon as possible

Tray replacement is done simply

Ability to work with Printed and unprinted film

Oily vacuum pump with very high suction power – 160 m3

Material: Stainless Steel 304 Corrosion Resistant – Washable

Machine Dimensions: Length 4.5 m – Width 1.2 m – Height 2 m

High quality electronic and pneumatic components

No compressed air required


  • Denester machine
  • filler
  • Front conveyor machine
  • labeling machines
  • Jet printer
  • To request other options, please contact us.

High speed automatic tray sealer machine is used to pack food products in plastic containers. Product packaging can be done by MAP method or without it. One of the most important advantages of the device is its high speed, which is about four times the number of automatic tray sealer machine of the general type.

In this method, the packaging of the product from receiving the containers to getting them out after packing from the machine is automatically.

Applications of device in packaging:

Types of nuts and dates

A variety of cold prepared food(Such as Olivier salad, pasta, and semi-prepared food)

pickles (olives, pickled cucumbers)

meat products(Red meat, chicken)

Processed meat products(Sausage, nuggets, hamburgers)

Sea foods (such as shrimp, fish)

Vegetables, fruits and salad

Packaging of some dairy products such as cheese

Bread and sweets

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