Packaging of pickles:

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) has been used as a very convenient way to preserve fruit for many years using barrier packaging materials and vegetables in the form of pickles have been used.

Due to its bacteriostatic effects the use of MAP to store fruits and vegetable at low temperatures is much more effective than packages that alone have a vacuum to prevent the growth of microorganisms. If MAP is supported with low concentration antimicrobial, the results will be better.

As an example, we will deal with olive packaging by MAP method to get more familiar with the features of this method of packaging.

Olives are popular products with high nutritional value. After fermentation which is usually done with saltwater and acetic acid they are stored in containers.

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new type of packaging to preserve the product which called the modified atmosphere method (MAP) and it can be used to maintain the quality characteristics of the product and olives are stored in salt water the solution of which contains 1% hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) and chitosan to be cared for. then in modified atmosphere containing 80% of nitrogen and 20% of carbon dioxide, the ambient temperature is maintained at 25 ℃. during storage, olives are evaluated in terms of color, texture, weigh, PH, titration acidity.

Accordingly, in the case of the modified atmosphere packaging method, known as the MAP method, the best result can be achieved.