Some products such as cauliflower and broccoli, due to rapid breathing, are used from barrier films with permeable membranes to correct the atmosphere needed for breathing.

Packing by modified atmosphere (MAP) using a permeable packaging film (breathable) with a mixture of specific gases, we can passively raise the durability of the product. The purpose of this method is to create an optimal gas balance inside the package. Where the product breathes activity is low as possible. On the other hand, the oxygen for the product is not harmful. In general, the aim is to package the product by a gas compound of 2 to 5% oxygen and the rest of the nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Packaging these types of products with modified atmosphere and breathable film is one of the important factors.

In most films, the optimal atmosphere is not achieved by breathing, controlling oxygen and carbon dioxide. Acceptable and important results can be achieved by the use of the cases with moisture control and temperature regulation.