Our machines are able to pack your products with high accuracy and error-free according to the systematic standards, the use of up- to-date technologies and the high precision used during their manufacture.

We are confident that the quality we provide to our customers is the highest level of quality.

In this regard, we always test the product quality in front of our customers and ask them to stand on the product container with a weight equal to 80 kg and a pressure equal to their own weight.

In this test, due to the high quality and accuracy of our machines in performing error-free sewing, the cover on the container does not separate from the product, even if the product container breaks due to high pressure, the cover on the container does not separate from the opening of the container.

The standard and accurate design of the cutting and sealing system of the devices and the accurate temperature cards on the device allow you to have a strong and high-quality sewing on your product container.

In addition, beside the outside cut system you can ask us about the Inside cut cutting system, which provides the possibility of beautiful and borderless sewing.

Naturally, this high accuracy and intelligence in packaging will greatly help you with high efficiency, saving energy and reducing costs.