Nowadays, cheap packaging along with beauty and increased shelf life are very important for manufacturers.

Factories producing food products are looking for simple, cheap and fast methods in terms of equipment and materials needed for packaging so that they can market their products with low cost and high quality.

According to the mentioned cases, today we see that the use of packaging products in disposable and plastic containers has gained special importance.

Packaging machines for food products in disposable and plastic containers are divided into two categories:

Thermoforming devices

Tray sealer devices

Tray sealer packaging machines

In general, tray sealer devices are devices that, the desired container for product packaging, are prepared from container manufacturing companies, and after the product is placed inside them, they are placed inside the device and finally by the MAP method or They are simply packed.

The meaning of packaging in this system is to place and flood (stitch) the film on the container. Of course, before packaging, the machine can perform the MAP method on the product so that the shelf life of the product will increase by 2 or more times after that.

Advantages of using the Tray sealer device:

1- Cheap price up to about 1.3 to 1.6 thermoforming machine

2- Simple and cheap repairs and maintenance compared to the thermoforming machine

3- Need less space for use

4- The need for cheaper peripheral equipment compared to the thermoforming machine

5- Ability to use containers with different materials for packaging

6- The need for less technical ability to use the device

7- Very quick and easy replacement of the mold, without the need for technical skills

Types of Tray sealer machines produced by West Asia Steel Machinery Company:

1- Automatic triple sealer with easy mold replacement system (General type)

2- Semi-automatic rotary table Tray sealer with easy mold changing system (General type)

3- Tray sealer packaging machines with different packaging capacities

4- Automatic and semi-automatic triple sealer packaging machine customized for the customer

5- Automatic triple sealer with gravity filler system and piston cylinder for thin and thick liquids

6- Various options to improve the beauty of the packaging, as well as options to provide the necessary equipment to automatically perform the work and eliminate the intervention of human hands.

Thermoforming packaging machines, manufactured by West Asia Steel Machinery Company:

Unlike Tray sealer devices, when the product is packaged by thermoforming machine, there is no need to prepare the container from outside because this device has a big advantage over the Tray sealer device is that it makes the container itself and then packs the product.

Advantages of using a thermoforming machine:

1-  Completely hygienic packaging

2-The ability to have packaging, according to the shape desired by the customer

Types of thermoforming devices:

1-Soft film thermoforming machine

2-Hard film thermoforming machine

By providing free consultations, appointments and face-to-face meetings, this company can provide customers with suitable solutions for the right purchase.

Technical consultations, in order to better choose the type of device and additional options, as well as the correct way of doing the work from the perspective of the experienced technical experts of this company.

Specialized consultations in the field of product processing and packaging from the point of view of the company’s food industry experts

  Providing solutions related to packaging for better product sales

Proper customer awareness has the following benefits:

• Correct choice and satisfaction in the direction of purchase

• Provide a beautiful and customer-friendly packaging of the product

• Knowledge of appropriate business methods

• Increasing the level of quality and increasing product sales

• Prevention of loss of customer capital

• Lowering packaging and labor costs

• More success and profitability at work