Thermoforming packaging machines are used for packaging food and pharmaceuticals.
The container is made by the device itself.
The steel and corrosion-resistant body can increase its easy washing ability and its high resistance against oxidation.

All parts of the device are designed to be easy to use and maintain, and compatible with various containers and products.

The technical standards used in this device make it have the following advantages for the manufacturer when using it.

Advantages of using West Asia Steel Thermoforming Packaging Machine:

High quality in the direction of strong seal

•Precise and unique cutting systems

The control panel of the device is easily removable and accessible.

Existence of safety in using the device

Loading length can vary depending on need.

Easy replacement and change of tray

Structure, body and fittings made of durable steel

Food variety and consequently packaging forms are increasing. Therefore, it can be said that each packaging method has its place on the shelves of supermarkets. West Asia Steel Machinery Company offers various packaging solutions in plastic containers and covers.

The following films can be used in packaging by thermoforming machines.

Soft and flexible film

Hard film (such as disposable containers)


Ability to pack with soft and hard film

Ability to install vacuum system and gas injection (MAP)

Ability to install fillers of dilute and concentrated liquids – weighing fillers

Washable machine

Thermoforming packaging machines manufactured by West Asia Steel machinery Company are used for packaging food and pharmaceuticals in plastic containers and covers.

Thermoforming packing machine can pack the product in the following ways:

Simple packaging method

In this method, the focus is on packing the product in a simple way and protecting it against environmental pollution and possible damages.

Packaging with vacuum method

In this method, the product is completely vacuumed and biochemical degradation is reduced.

Packing with modified atmosphere method (MAP)

The atmosphere in the container is replaced by a specific gaseous compound to extend the shelf life of the product.

For example, the gaseous composition of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and in some cases, oxygen can be used, causing the color and shape of the product to be preserved for a longer period of time.

Packaging by Skin Method

Your product is packed by a film that is placed in the form of a shell on it. This coating, while having transparency and attractiveness, can minimize the atmosphere inside the package and keep the freshness of the product for longer.

Packaging with skin method has different types:

Low – Medium – High

Cutting system in thermoforming packing machine of West Asia Steel machinery Company can be done by the following method

Transverse and logistic cutting by blade

This method is used for quadrangle containers. In this case, the corners of the container will be sharp, and the device settings will be easier to produce a container with other dimensions.

Transverse cutting by Mate and Die – longitudinal cutting by blade

In this method, transverse cutting of containers can be done by Mate and Die with a special form, then their longitudinal cutting is done by circular blades that are rotating.

Complete cut by Mate and Die

This method can be used for containers with special shapes. The openings of containers in this method can be in any form, as there is no limit to cutting.

All incisions can also include:

Zigzag Cutter

Pendant hole

a point for easier removal of the film from the opening of the container

Drive: Servo Motor

Vacuum pump: 160 cubic meters and larger dimensions are provided outside the machine.

Machine speed: up to 12 cycles per minute – depending on the product and the type of packaging

Maximum device dimensions: L6.5 x w1.5 x h2 m

tray dimensions: 418*349 with a maximum depth of 90 mm

Package Material: PA-PE/PET-PE/PVC-PE/PS

lidding material on packages: aluminum foil, plastic film, metallized

easy open and hard open

Package shape: Designed free of charge according to customer’s request

Container Production Method: By positive air compressor pressure and negative vacuum pump pressure

Cutting system: smooth – zig-zag – round corner – complete cutting with special form

Ability to work with Printed and unprinted film

Tray material: Aluminum alloy grade 1 – Fully polished

Material of Seal die: Aluminum Alloy with high quality – with Teflon coated and good

thermal conductivity

Cutting tray material: Steel with good shear capability and long lifespan

Electrical Panel Material: Stainless Steel 304L

Machine control system: PLC with HMI colored control panel with good quality brand, using 2 languages of Persian and English, user-friendly

-System Operation: Pneumatic – Electronic – Mechanical

Required air pressure: 6 to 8 bar

Water use: 90 liters per hour (with circulation system)

Modified Atmosphere System (MAP) is available on the device  (the additional option)

Film Width: 422 mm

High quality electronic and pneumatic components

Ability to install all kinds of fillers on the device

Filler of dilute and concentrated liquids, weighing fillers

Ability to install labeling device and jet printer on the device

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Automatic tray sealer packaging machine is used for food packaging in plastic and aluminum containers.

This device is suitable for production sets with the aim of having a different packaging form compared to other packaging methods.
One of the most important features of this device is packaging with the MAP method in order to increase the shelf life of the product.

Applications of device in packaging:

Types of nuts and dates

A variety of cold prepared food

(Such as Olivier salad, pasta, and semi-prepared food)

pickles (olives, pickled cucumbers)

meat products(Red meat, chicken)

Processed meat products(Sausage, nuggets, hamburgers)

Sea foods (such as shrimp, fish)

Vegetables, fruits and salad

Packaging of some dairy products such as cheese

Bread and sweets

Every kind of  medicine products
Every kind of  cosmetic products

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