Warranty – spare parts – after-sales service

All machines need support from the manufacturer after starting to work.

This work is possible in West Asia Steel Machinery Company with the following method:

  • Calling the technical support unit and communicating with the relevant expert for customer guidance
  • Receive the defective part code and send it to the customer as soon as possible
  • Dispatch of technical personnel to solve the customer’s problem as soon as possible

It should be noted that support is extremely important in this company.

Customers who use the machines of this company have a high priority compared to new customers.

The management of the company constantly and directly follows up the reports of customers in this regard from the after-sales service unit.

In fact, it can be said that purchase is the starting point of our long-term relationship with customers


Due to the need for sufficient experience and expertise in the successful use of our packaging machines, customers need to be able to meet their needs through us.

We are responsible for familiarizing our customers with the correct use of this technology.

A good purchase is formed when it is accompanied by full knowledge.

Also, a successful business and business after investment occurs when it is accompanied by detailed guidance.

A successful and sustainable business activity is an integral part of our strategy. We make ourselves and their customers successful by being responsible in relation to our customer community.