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History of the company

West Asia Steel, with a brilliant history in the packaging machinery industry, has been operating for about 22 years and has been specialized in designing and manufacturing various types of tray sealer packaging machines for 10 years.


The importance of responding to customer needs and providing various solutions in the field of design and manufacture of Tray Sealer packaging machines, has been able to bring the company to the first place in this field in terms of creative ideas, quality and reliability among customers.

At present, this company is the only knowledge-based company in the field of designing and manufacturing tray sealer packaging machines, which, due to the level of quality and importance of the company’s products, we are supported by the Vice President for Science and Technology, and from in this way we can help more producers.

At present, the company, due to the quality and compliance with the required standards, has been able to be recognized as one of the contenders in international markets and can export its products to Asian and European countries.






Customer Orientation

In business science, we can better communicate with our customers through ethical methods and responding to their needs.


Constantly talking to customers and listening to their concerns helps us identify our weaknesses and achieve greater success.

Consulting services and regular communication with them will lead to the discovery of solutions.

After-sales tips, necessary training for operators, as well as after-sales service cause customers to feel comfortable when packing their product and make them more aware of the device, and ultimately prevent possible problems.

We believe that our customers will need our guidance and support when choosing and purchasing, as well as after purchasing the device, so the sales and after-sales service system of this company can meet their needs and provide solutions.




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Purpose and vision

Food packaging in a beautiful, environmentally friendly and easy to use way leads to greater reliability and productivity.


We are here to teach customers how to pack safely in plastic containers.

Increasing the quality of packaging and preserving the product will increase the profit of customers.


An innovative solution and new thinking will increase your competitive advantage.

Therefore, in order to create these benefits for our customers, we are always looking to design and build new machines with innovative creations.

Our goals and strategy are to design and manufacture various examples of packaging machines in plastic containers along with options, in accordance with modern technology and the country’s lack of need for this technology. As we have been able to introduce our views to our customers for many years.





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Due to the need for sufficient experience and expertise in the successful use of our packaging machines, customers need to be able to meet their needs through us.


We take responsibility for informing to our customers about the proper use of this technology.

A good purchase happens when it is accompanied by full awareness.

There is also a successful business after investing when accompanied by detailed guidance.

A successful and sustainable business is an integral part of our strategy.

We make ourselves and our customers successful by being responsible in relation to customer community.




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The reason for choosing this company

The structure of the machine design and manufacturing unit, along with the experts who are looking for the right guidance for customers, is one of the important reasons for choosing this company.


Leading the way in providing the required technologies in the field of tray sealer packaging machines and our valuable experiences in this industry, make this company as the top designer and manufacturer of this type of machines in the country and one of the contenders in international markets.

This company can properly meet the needs of customers in the field of technologies related to these devices.

Our goal is not just to sell a device, because a device must be provided to the customer with the science and technologies it needs.

Due to this, West Asia Steel has been recognized as the only knowledge-based company in the field of design and manufacture of various types of tray sealer packaging machines, by the Vice President for Science and Technology. And due to the need of the country’s producers for the company’s products, it has been supported by this institution.

The quality of the company’s products is such that it has been able to operate in international markets and export its machinery to Asian and European countries.




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 Our quality is our guarantee


We are sincerely committed to meeting the required standards in the design and manufacture of our machines.

The using of appropriate materials with high quality is one of the principles of our work.

The viewpoint of this company is not to make low-quality machines, the use of relevant standards along with quality materials and parts causes long-term operation and prevents premature breakdowns of devices, and causes the cost paid by the customer to be in the right direction.

In addition to all these cases, the quality control unit of this company is required to properly monitor the construction of the machines.

West Asia Steel Company’s approach is a commitment to provide quality product to customers and supply them in the long time.

We believe that these cases will not be identified with these statements, but the performance of this company in the past and present is sign that confirms it.




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High-quality materials in manufacturing increase the accuracy of devices.


Design in accordance with technical engineering standards and the use of high-quality materials in manufacturing of devices increase the accuracy of the devices.


The quality control engineers of our company, from the very first stage of manufacturing parts to assembly, construction and performing the necessary operation tests, do not ignore any small error related to the accuracy of the machines in order to to provide an an accurate and error-free device to the customers.

All devices of our company are designed and manufactured in accordance with standards of the food and medical industries and in accordance with the latest technologies of the world, and this point is one of the things that has made our company known as the manufacturer of high precision devices.




 Machine maintenance


Technology and innovations

We believe that innovation is the driving force behind the development of this company.


Using the demands of customers and their valuable ideas on how to package products, the company has been able to respond to these needs, products designed in accordance with modern technology and after manufacturing to meet their needs.

West Asia Steel Machinery has been able to meet the needs of customers by providing technologies in the field of enhancing the beauty of packaging and also automatic packaging without manual intervention by observing the principles of hygiene in product packaging.

At present, West Asia Steel Machinery is the only company in the country in the field of designing and manufacturing various types of tray sealer packaging machines, which with its high capacity in providing modern technologies to customers has been able to eliminate the need for the country.

We are able to meet the different needs of customers in the field of technology of these devices. As a result, with our perspective, we create new opportunities in this industry.

The experts of this company, using economical, efficient and up-to-date methods and using the developed standards, provide suitable solutions to meet the needs of customers.




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Our customers

this company is identified by its experienced experts in the first stage, identifies the needs of customers, and in the next stage, offers them the best solution so that in the end, the customer enjoys high satisfaction in order to purchase.

The customers of this company are a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers, as follows:

 - Manufacturers of food products

 - Medical and pharmaceutical companies

 - Companies producing industrial and consumer products


Goal customers in choosing our packaging machines is the following:

 - Increase their durability

 - Create beauty in their product packaging

 - Observe the principles of product hygiene


With the principles of international standards and paying attention to the demands of customers and their suggestions, our machines face valuable changes that ultimately increase the level of quality and technology of the machines of this company compared

Standard design, high technology level and user-friendliness of the device

  • Intelligent system

    Intelligent system

    The use of precision automation system by our experienced engineers increases the intelligence of the device, prevents possible errors and detects them. High-quality electrical components help a lot to this issue.

  • Very Accurate

    Very Accurate

    The basic design of the device in accordance with international standards helps to increase the accuracy of the device. The use of quality materials along with the standard design will increase the accuracy of the device.

  • High speed

    High speed

    West Asia Steel offers a variety of tray sealer packaging machines with different speeds. The design and manufacture of these devices is done by West Asia Steel knowledge-based company by experienced Iranian engineers.

  • High Quality

    High Quality

    The use of relevant standards along with quality materials and parts causes long-term operation and prevents early breakdowns of devices and makes the cost paid by the customer to help them in the right direction.

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The sales and after-sales service system of our company can respond to your needs at the time of selection and purchase, as well as after buying the device, and by providing suitable solutions, it can help you on your way to success.
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