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The vacuum chamber packaging machine is used to pack all kinds of food products in plastic bags.

Generally, this machine performs the packaging of products with complete vacuum, but it also has the capability of packaging using the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) method.

The packaging of products by the Vacuum Chamber Machine can be done through the following methods:

The Vacuum Chamber Machine with two cabins (double chamber packaging machine) is highly efficient and requires small space. The operation of this machine involves manual handling, where plastic bags filled with the product are placed manually in the machine and removed manually after packaging.

This machine is equipped with a PLC and a touch screen HMI for accurate control and easy settings by the operator. The machine has a maximum of 5 packaging programs that can be changed by the operator. Repair and maintenance of different parts of the machine are very easy and meet standard design principles. Various parts of the machine are easily accessible for quick and efficient settings.


Packaging by Various Methods

Packaging using the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) method is carried out with a certain percentage of vacuum and gas injection, ultimately increasing the shelf life of the product.

Additionally, vacuum packaging is a process which the air includes high valume of Oxygen and Nitrogen in addition of other gases, is sent out from the pouch before sealing completely to incraese shelf life of products which encounter spoilage faster than other products. In this method vacuuming is done in a way that plastic pouch will be adhered to the product completely.



The machine operates at a speed of 1 to 3 cycles per minute in vacuum packaging manner and 1 to 2 cycles per minute by gas injection packaging.

The Vacuum Chamber Machine with two cabins has the capability to package various plastic and metallized pouches by strong sealing without error.

By utilizing our experts training, relevant practical videos, and guides provided by the company, you can easily set the machine and operate the packaging process without any issues.


Types of Packaging Methods


Packaging technologies

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP Technology). The modified atmosphere packaging method, which causes the atmosphere inside the package to be modified by the specified gas composition and finally the shape, color and freshness of the product to be preserved for a specified period of time. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen gases are usually used to correct the atmosphere inside the packaging.

Natural Atmosphere. Packing with natural atmosphere method, in which case the product will only be safe against physical contact and mechanical impacts.


Packaging by Equilibrium Atmosphere (EMAP). Packaging with the Equilibrium Atmosphere or EMAP method is a technic where the required oxygen inside the package is supplied through micrometer-sized holes, and excess carbon dioxide is sending out. This method can ultimately increase the shelf life of products such as fruits, vegetables, and salads.



Introduction to Various Parts of the machine

Chamber or Cabin of the Machine

 Chamber or Cabin



Touch control panel of the machineTop of Form

Touch control panel



Seal section

Sealing section



Vacuum pump of the machine

Vacuum pump



Electrical Panel of the machine

Electrical Panel




Frame of the machine

 بدنه دستگاه



Keys and buttons of the machine

keys and buttons 



Usage of Angle Valves for quick and accurate setting of the vacuum path



Applications of the machine in packaging

packagable materials


Advantages of using the Vacuum Chamber Machine


Technical Specifications


  • Guarantee
    12 months
  • After-sales service
    10 years
  • Installation and setup
  • Operation training
  • Parts supply and repair

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical parts Usage of qualified and premium electrical parts brands (Delta, Phoenix, Autonics, Siemens, Moller)
  • Device speed Vacuum mode: 1 to 3 cycles per minute - Gas injection mode: 1 to 2 cycles per minute
  • Machine control screen 4.2 inch HMI from reputable and qualified Delta brand by two languages: English and Persian
  • Material of film Various films with different thicknesses and materials (plastic, aluminum, metallized) in both transparent and printed forms.
  • Temperature control system Use of PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) system for controlling the temperature of the Machine.
  • The collector of the waste of film

General specifications

  • Model V007
  • Frame material
    Coated and scratched stainless steel ۳۰۴
  • Dimensions of the machine Length: 1.42 meters, Width: 0.8 meters, Height: 1.28 meters
  • Washability
  • Packable Products
    Different types of dried fruits، nuts and dates Cold ready-to-eat foods (such as Olivier salad، pasta)، and semi-prepared foods Pickles (such as pickled cucumber، olives) Various meat products (red meat، ground meat، chicken pieces) Different protein products (sausages، salami، nuggets، hamburgers) Various seafood products (such as shrimp، fish) Vegetables، legumes، fruits، and various salads Dairy products

Quality verifications

  • Standards
    CE certification

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