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Automatic tray sealer packaging machine ts007


Automatic tray sealer packaging machine is one of the products designed and manufactured by capable and experienced engineers of this company. Flexible and comprehensive solutions in relation to the use of this device are the most important features of this device.

Types of packaging methods by this machine


  •  Outside Cut Pack. This method of packaging is the most common type of packaging. In this case, the film is cut from 2 to 2.5 mm from around the container and then packed on the opening of the container.
  • Natural Atmosphere. Packing with natural atmosphere method, in which case the product will only be safe against physical contact and mechanical impacts.
  • EMAP Technology. The modified atmosphere packaging method, which causes the atmosphere inside the package to be modified by the specified gas composition and finally the shape, color and freshness of the product to be preserved for a specified period of time. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen gases are usually used to correct the atmosphere inside the packaging.
  • Inside Cut Peel Point. This packaging method is a combination of Peel point and Inside Cut method. In this method, the film is cut with a distance inside the edge of the container and then a tab is created next to it to make easier for the consumer to remove the film from the opening of the container.
  • Skirt Out Pack. Packaging by controlling the respiration rate of the product inside the package, which is removed through micrometer holes, oxygen required by the supply package and excess carbon dioxide. This method can ultimately increase the shelf life of products such as fruits, vegetables and salads.
  • Easy Peel Point PackE. This type of packaging is used for products that the film should be easily removed from the container opening when using. Therefore, the tab created by this method can help to do this more easily.
  • Cup Pack. Packing of round opening containers is done by outside cut method.
  • Bucket Pack. Products that must be placed in buckets should be packed by this method. The buckets usually have high heights.


Technical Specifications

  • Device speed:
    • In vacuum packing and gas injection system: 5 to 7 cycles per minute
    • In the case of packaging in the form of a simple seal: 8 to 10 cycles per minute
  • Device Drive System: Electromotor (Grade B) – Servo Motor (Grade A)
  • Ability to work with plastic film in different thicknesses – aluminum foil and metallize
  • Ability to install filler of dilute and concentrated liquids as well as granular materials on the machine
  • Ability to install automatic denester system
  • Vacuum and Gas Injection System (MAP)
  • To maintain freshness and higher product residue
  • Machine Control System: PLC with HMI colored control panel
  • 2 languages English and  Persian
  • Accurate control systems for more correct operation of the device
  • Tray material: High quality aluminum alloy
  • inflatable shaft in the roll part of the machine
  • Roll replacement is done as soon as possible
  • Replace the tray in the fastest and most convenient way possible
  • Easy to set rails with graded system placed on the machine
  • Ability to work with Printed and unprinted film
  • Oily vacuum pump with very high suction power – 63 m3
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304 Corrosion Resistant – Washable
  • Machine Dimensions: Length 2.7 m – Width 0.9 m – Height 1.8 m
  • Air pressure required: 6 bar
  • High quality electronic and pneumatic components



  • Ability to install a variety of filler for granular, powdery products, dilute liquids, concentrated liquids and non-homogeneous semi-solid products
  • Ability to install devices to control and direct containers under filler openings
  • Ability to install UV tunnel before fillers to reduce the bacterial load of containers
  • Ability to install check weigher system for controlling Weight of products before packaging.
  • Ability to install gas capsules for more precise control of gas in packaging by MAP method
  • Ability to install Remote Maintenance for easier customer supporting
  • Ability to install packaging system with printed film
  • Ability to install the rower machine in the output of the device, to convert the containers into a row and pass them under the jet printer and labeling
  • Ability to install Output Rotary Table, to accumulate containers at the end point of the device
  • Ability to install options to create the beauty of packaging
  • Other options, please be contacted.


Automatic tray sealer packaging machine is used for food packaging in plastic and aluminum containers. In this machine, taking the containers into the tray and removing the packed containers from the machine is done automatically and too easy.

In addition, this machine can be equipped with automatic denester and filler system.

packagable products by the device

Applications of device in packaging:

  • Types of nuts and dates
  • A variety of cold prepared food
  • (Such as Olivier salad, pasta, and semi-prepared food)
  • pickles (olives, pickled cucumbers)
  • meat products(Red meat, chicken)
  •  Processed meat products(Sausage, nuggets, hamburgers)
  •  Sea foods (such as shrimp, fish)
  • Vegetables, fruits and saladPackaging of some dairy products such as cheese
  • Bread and sweets




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