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A high-speed tray sealer with 5 times packaging capacity more than automatic tray sealer (seal vacuum) machines and unique performance can package products. This machine is a very good choice for packaging of food products by high-capacity.

The high-speed automatic tray sealer machine is used for packaging food products in plastic trays. Packaging can be done with or without the MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) method. In this method, the packaging of the product is completely automated from receiving the trays to the moving the packaged trays out of the machine.   

The high-speed Tray Sealer can reach up to 20 cycles per minute (more than three times compared to general type of automatic tray sealer). This include the machine in the high-level technology category.

This machine offers the possibility of customizing and integration with denesters, fillers, and related equipment. With two decades experience in designing and manufacturing different packaging lines using tray sealer machines, our technical and engineering department is capable of providing key and practical packaging solutions equipped with various conveyors, automatic denester, UV tunnels, various fillers, automatic lidders, automatic rowers, jet printers, traffic tables, etc.   

Our continuous research about new technologies and following improved packaging methods have led to the manufacturing of a multi-purpose machine with advanced technical features. 

This machine is a full automatic mechanical model designed to ensure high performance and is engineered to allow easy access to all its parts, facilitating cleaning operations. This enhances ease of usage and ensures effective disinfection throughout the entire machine. Prominent features of this machine include easy separation and mold change, which can be done without the need for additional tools.


Types of Packaging Methods by  High Speed Automatic Tray Sealer


Types of Packaging Methods by  High Speed Automatic Tray Sealer



 Top of Form 


Packaging by the skin method includes following types:


(Low) Skin packaging for products which after placing inside the tray, are either in the same level with the tray's opening or extend up to 2 centimeters above the tray's surface.


(Medium) Skin packaging for products that after being placed inside the tray, extend approximately 4 centimeters above the tray's surface.


(High) Skin packaging for products which, after placing inside the tray, extend up to approximately 8 centimeters above the tray's surface.


Hanging Pack. One of the packaging methods to help improving of product sales. After packaging, the trays are hung on store shelves for better visibility to customers.


Smooth Cutting Edge. This method is used for packaging trays with very narrow seal width.


Advantages of the Machine:



Various Parts of the Machine


Various Parts of the Machine


Golden Automation (PC panel) with Remote Maintenance Capability


This option functions like a complete computer installed on the machine, providing the company's after-sales service team with the ability to online troubleshoot. This allows for the resolution of some issues entirely remotely.


  1. Remote machine communication via the internet for troubleshooting (anywhere).
  2. Features a highly professional program with qualified graphics for quick and easy machine settings.
  3. Very user-friendly interface.
  4. Equipped with a powerful processor for running heavier programs.
  5. Perfectly suitable for automatic machines equipped with various options.

Input and Output Conveyors



Gas Control Vessel

This option is used for accurate control gas pressure. In the machine, when the MAP method is carried out, despite this option, gas injection is performed more precisely.  


Mold of the Machine


The Frame of the Machine

  1. Strong structure
  2. It has sheets by high thicknesses
  3. By low vibration
  4. Resistant to loss of accuracy over time
  5. Completely made of 304 steel, scratched and shiny steel with high beauty, resistant to corrosion and discoloration due to contact with food and detergents.
  6. The pollution in this type of steel (glossy scratched steel) stays less on it and is easier to wash.
  7. Designed by international standards and technical and engineering principles
  8. Easy to wash


The Frame of the Machine


Positioning system of printed films - cellophane spot sensor (photocell)

On the right side of the machine, parts have been designed to easily set the photocell for packaging food products with printed films to its correct position and to minimize errors in placing the film correctly on the tray.

The unique design with extremely easy setting, coupled with a qualified sensor in this section, the presence of numerous rollers in this area, and the accuracy of the film movement along its correct path are its notable advantages.

Required Setting System for Film Tension:

Placement of the Film Roll:


Qualified Push Buttons and Switches with Reputable Brands:

Professional Programming and Automation System:


PID System for Controlling the Temperature of the Machine



High Safety System

The high safety system of the machine prevents life-threatening hazards for the operator.

Top of Form


  1. The presence of emergency button push in various parts of the machine for emergency stopping the machine
  2. Designing systems to prevent potential errors until the operator is actively working on the machine ensures that no damage comes to them, ultimately ensuring high safety and security for the machine.
  3. Accurate control of torques in the machine, facilitated by automation and accurate programming within the machine.
  4. The presence of a tower light to indicate the status of the machine.
  5. The absence of sharp and vulnerable edges ensures the safety of the operator on the machine.
  6. Utilizing intelligent design in the machine and placing various parts correctly in their designated positions.
  7. Using suitable and qualified materials for the parts.


Vacuum System and Vacuum Pump:


Powerful Pneumatic System

The pneumatic system of this company's automatic tray sealer machine is robustly calculated and selected for its high power.


  1. The fittings of the machine are chosen from reputable brands to ensure they do not leak over time.
  2. Large-diameter pneumatic hoses are selected to be compatible with the sizes of valves and jacks.
  3. The pneumatic circuit of the machine is engineered with accurate technical calculations, prioritizing only good performance quality in its design, rather than opting for cheaper alternatives.


Motion Systems:


Motion Systems 


Automatic Denester

In this device, human touch is eliminated, and the moving the trays from inside of each other and loading them onto the machine is done automatically and continuously. A significant advantage of this machine is its ability to quickly change molds for trays of different sizes. Additionally, its accuracy in separating the trays from each other without errors adds to its superiority.


UV Tunnel

UV tunnels are ideal for sterilizing surfaces. These machines are used in the food industry to sterilize trays. Cleaning trays from microorganisms and reducing microbial load has a direct impact on increasing the shelf life of food products. The capability of installing a UV tunnel at the entrance of an automatic filler exists.  



Single to Multi-Row Converter and Vice Versa

In some cases, trays are filled either by specialized fillers or by multiple fillers, and it is necessary to fill them individually or in multiples. In this case, this machine can set the rows according to the production line.



Fillers can be in the following forms:


When products are in the form of diluted liquids, concentrated liquids, semi-solid heterogeneous materials, or granular solids, filling the product into trays can be done automatically and continuously by these machines, eliminating labor and preventing contamination. One of the most important advantages of using these machines is their ability to control and package the amount of product that needs to be filled into trays easily through settings on the machine.  


Fillers come in several types:


Designing Packaging Lines Using Tray Sealer Machines according to Customer Space

Designing packaging lines is carried out by the technical and engineering department of Steel West Asia Machinery Company, utilizing skilled and experienced engineers and specialists with the aim of meeting customer demands in accordance with standards and requirements stated by them.

Technical Specifications


  • Guarantee
    12 months
  • After-sales service
    10 years
  • Installation and setup
  • Operation training
  • Parts supply and repair

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical parts Utilization of qualified and premium brands (Delta, Phoenix, Autonics, Siemens, Moller).
  • Device speed Reaches up to 20 cycles per minute
  • Machine control screen 7 inch HMI (Colored control panel) from reputable and qualified Delta brand by 2 languages of English and Persian
  • Material of film Various films with different thicknesses and materials (plastic, aluminum, metallized) in transparent and printed forms.
  • Vacuum pump Powerful vacuum pump with a suction capacity of 160 (one hundred and sixty) cubic meters.
  • Temperature control system Utilization of a PID system for controlling the temperature of the machine.
  • Electrical power 8 kilowatts (KW)
  • Electrical current 14 amperes (A)
  • Output Conveyor
  • Machine Control System
  • Adjustable for Different Tray Sizes
  • Auxiliary Equipment
    Automatic denester UV tunnel various fillers automatic lidder single-row to multi-row conversion system and vice versa automatic rower traffic table

General specifications

  • Model TS009
  • Frame material
    Coated and scratched stainless steel ۳۰۴
  • Dimensions of the machine length 5.7 m, width 1.5 m, height 2.4 m
  • Washability
  • Machine weight 2 ton
  • Packable Products
    Different types of dried fruits، nuts and dates Cold ready-to-eat foods (such as Olivier salad، pasta)، and semi-prepared foods Pickles (such as pickled cucumber، olives) Various meat products (red meat، ground meat، chicken pieces) Different protein products (sausages، salami، nuggets، hamburgers) Various seafood products (such as shrimp، fish) Vegetables، legumes، fruits، and various salads Dairy products Bread and confectionery Various medical products

Quality verifications

  • Standards
    CE certification

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