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Thermoforming packaging machines are used for packaging food and pharmaceutical.

One of the most important features of this machine is accurate packaging using the MAP method, aimed at increasing the shelf life of the product.

The technical standards used in this machine ensure that during its use (product packaging), the following benefits are accompanied for the manufacturer.

Thermoforming packaging machines manufactured by West Asia Steel Machinery Company are used for packaging food and pharmaceuticals in plastic containers.

The thermoforming packaging machine is one of the machines designed and manufactured by West Asia Steel Company. This machine is suitable for producers aiming to have packaging with a different shape compared to other packaging methods. The most significant difference between a thermoforming machine and a tray sealer is that in the thermoforming method, the tray is formed by the machine itself, whereas in a tray sealer, the tray must be purchased ready-made from outside.  

Advantages of the thermoforming packaging machine by West Asia Steel


Operation of the thermoforming machine


Film of the machine

Dietary diversity is expanding, and consequently, types of packaging are also increasing. Therefore, it can be said that each packaging method has its place on supermarket shelves. West Asia Steel Machinery Company provides various packaging solutions in trays and plastic pouches.

The following films can be used in packaging by thermoforming machines.

Packaging methods

Simple packaging method

In this method, the focus is on packing the product in a simple way and protecting it against environmental pollution and possible damages.

Packaging with vacuum method

In this method, the product is completely vacuumed and biochemical degradation is reduced.

Packing with modified atmosphere method (MAP)

The atmosphere in the tray is replaced by a specific gaseous compound to extend the shelf life of the product.

For example, the gaseous composition of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and in some cases, oxygen can be used, causing the color and shape of the product to be preserved for a longer period of time.

Packaging by Skin Method

Your product is packed by a film that is placed in the form of a shell on it. This coating, while having transparency and attractiveness, can minimize the atmosphere inside the package and keep the freshness of the product for a longer time.


Packaging with skin method has different types:

Low – Medium – High



Cutting system of the machine

Cutting system in thermoforming packaging machine of West Asia Steel machinery Company can be done by the following method


Transverse and longitudinal cutting by blade

This method is used for quadrangle trays. In this case, the corners of the tray will be sharp, and the machine settings will be easier to manufacture a tray with other dimensions.

Top of Form


Transverse cutting by Punch and Die block – longitudinal cutting by blade

In this method, transverse cutting of containers can be done by Punch and Die block with a special form, then their longitudinal cutting is done by circular blades that are rotating.


Complete cut by Punch and Die block


This method can be used for trays with special shapes. The tray can has any shape, as there is no limit to cutting.

All cuttings can also include:


Schematic and dimensions of the machine


thermoforming sizes

Technical Specifications


Auxiliary equipment:


Applications of machine in packaging


A variety of cold prepared food (Such as Olivier salad, pasta( and semi-prepared food

Different types of cosmetics

Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications

General specifications

Quality verifications

similar products

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