Semi-automatic tray sealer Machine sts008


Semi-automatic vacuum sealing machine is used for packaging various food products in plastic trays.

Low required space and reasonable price for high packing capacities are the characteristics of this machine.


The operation of the machine

The procedure of working semi-automatic packaging machine by rotary table, designed and manufactured by West Asia Machinery Manufacturing Company, is as follows: Once the operator places the filled trays of the product on the machine's mold, the table must be rotated 180 degrees. Subsequently, by pressing the buttons, the machine will start.

The machine's mold is changeable and can be adjusted for trays by different dimensions. The process of mold changing is very easy and convenient due to its user-friendly design, and you can have several molds by one machine. Additionally, the parts used in the machine's mold ensure proper sealing during vacuuming, gas injection, and ultimately, packaging is done correctly and without error.

Comprehensive guidelines have been prepared to facilitate the settings of the machine, aiming to increase its efficiency. You can easily do the machine settings by following our experts' training, watching relevant videos, and referring to the guides provided by our company and achieving high productivity without any problems from this packaging method.

In designing and manufacturing of the semi-automatic tray sealer machine, this company includes a skilled technical and engineering department, a precise quality control department, and a highly equipped manufacturing department.



Introduction of different parts of the machine

Touch control system (HMI)

 Touch control system



  Waste Film Collector System (Stepper Motor)    

Waste Film Collector System

Using a stepper motor with a high-precision drive:

  1. Capability to collect films made of aluminum, metallized materials, and polymer films by various thicknesses.
  2. Capability to adjust the pulling force during changes in film material and thickness.
  3. Ability to adjust the speed and prevent film tearing and wrinkling during product packaging.



Mold of the machine

Mold of the machine

By uniform casting and molding with very high accuracy, quality, and superior material.

By high resistant of mold against corrosion

Silicon bands placed on mold parts are well-designed and selected in various excellent qualities to ensure complete standardization and located in their respective positions.

Unique design of the machine's base plate.

Equipped with qualified 304 stainless steel pins and phosphor bronze bushes for smooth and accurate movement of the pins into the bushes.

Separate elements in seal molds.

Separate thermocouples for controlling the temperature of seal molds.      

The blades have a separate system; the tooth profiles are precisely calculated and constructed and they are also placed on the mold in a way that the mold temperature does not have a direct impact on them and does not overheat them.

Two channels are connected to the mold shell to put all wires inside them and prevent them from interfering with the movement path of other parts inside the mold. This also makes repairs and maintenance easier.

Given the high technical knowledge and experience of Stainless West Asia specialists in mold design, it is possible to deliver molds with a higher number of cavities to customers.

Stainless West Asia has high capabilities in designing molds for packaging molds by different shapes and dimensions, and there are no restrictions in this regard.

The mold of machine can be change in the shortest time (up to 10 minutes).



The frame of machine

The frame of machine

The frame of the machine is made of qualified 304 stainless steel. The corrosion-resistant and shiny steel has doubled the beauty of the machine. The advantages of designing this part can be mentioned as follows:                                                                                       



Table of the machine

Table of the machine



Electrical panel of the machine

Electrical panel of the machine

West Asia Steel has made efforts to use the best and most qualified parts in the electrical department of tray sealer machine by rotary table. Number of the parts used are as follows:



Vacuum pump of the machine

Vacuum pump of the machine

The powerful vacuum pump of the machine has a capacity of 40 cubic meters and is from the qualified Iranian Puch brand. This results in an increased number of cycles per minute for the machine, allowing for more accurate and faster packaging of the product using the modified atmosphere packaging method.



Tray of the machine

The dimensions of the tray are 34*44 centimeters. Given the high knowledge of this company in mold design, you can use molds with more cavities to increase packaging speed.  

Tray of the machine



PID system         

PID system

The features of the PID system for controlling the temperature of the machine include:



Guide Roller for Film

Guide Roller for Film

One of the important features of the machine is the use of multiple guiding rollers for the film:

To ensure correct film guidance, the machine utilizes 4 rollers. This helps in directing the film smoothly without wrinkles, preventing premature tearing during the packaging process.

All the rollers inside the machine are equipped with bearings to ensure smooth movement.

The rollers have adjustable bases and conical-shaped parts to significantly assist in guiding the film in its correct path.  



Keys and push buttons of the machine

The machine is constructed using highly quality switches and keys with the following features:

 Keys and push buttons of the machine



The film roll brake system of the machine

The film roll brake system of the machine

A smart and accurate braking system has been used for controlling the unwinding of the film from the roll. This system includes:

Two film retaining rollers along with a professional bearing system designed to control the unwinding of the film from the roll and guide it accurately.

A professional braking system with easy setting, ensuring accurate control over the firmness or looseness of the film unwinding from the roll, according to the material type.



Viewing windows

Viewing windows

The machine has four viewing windows, making repairing and maintaining easier.





The sensor system for printed films on the machine is easily adjustable. This part is equipped with intelligent design features. On the left side of the machine, parts are placed to facilitate easy setting of the photocell to its correct position, resulting in a much lower error rate for detecting the accurate film position. Some features of this section include:



The usage of angle valves (angle type valves) in facilitating the rapid and accurate setting of the vacuum path

The angle valves are pneumatically controlled and due to this pneumatic control, they possess high power and speed for quickly opening and closing the pathways. In total, there are four valves responsible for opening and closing the vacuum outputs.

angle valves



The usage of accurate transmitter sensors for vacuum pressure control

transmitter sensors

The use of high-precision pressure transmitter sensors from qualified brands enables accurate control of the vacuum level inside the mold. The incorporation of these sensors is a crucial element that contributes to the accurate and correct performance of MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) in the machines of this company. This sensor reads the pressure amount and sends it to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).



The advantages of the machine


Types of packaging methods


 packaging methods by automatic tray sealer machine









Semi-automatic tray sealer packaging machine is designed for workshops and factories with low level production, the most important features of which are the small dimensions of the machine and its ease of usage.

Additionally, this machine is used in large manufacturing factories that aim to package products on a small scale for initial testing and also market research. Therefore, after necessary experiments, and trial-and-error processes, they determine how to manufacture their products on a larger scale.


Products packable by the machine



Technical Specifications


  • Guarantee
    12 months
  • After-sales service
    10 years
  • Installation and setup
  • Operation training
  • Parts supply and repair

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical parts Usage of qualified and premium electrical parts brands (Delta, Phoenix, Autonics, Siemens, Moller)
  • Table of machine Rotary
  • Device speed 5 to 7 cycles per minute
  • Machine control screen 10 inch HMI from reputable and qualified Delta brand by two languages: English and Persian
  • Mold dimension 340*440 mm
  • Control panel of the machine Control panel of the machine 10-inch touchscreen display from the qualified and reputable Delta brand, by two languages: English and Persian.
  • Material of film Various films with different thicknesses and materials (plastic, aluminum, metallized) in both transparent and printed forms.
  • Vacuum pump Strong vacuum pump with very high suction power –40 m3
  • Temperature control system Use of PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) system for controlling the temperature of the Machine.
  • The collector of the waste of film
  • Electrical power 2 Kw
  • Electrical current 5.5 Amp

General specifications

  • Model STS008
  • Frame material
    Stainless Steel 304 Corrosion Resistant
  • Dimensions of the machine length 1.2 m - width 1.2 m - height 1.5 m
  • Washability
  • Machine weight 400 Kg
  • Packable Products
    Different types of dried fruits، nuts and dates Cold ready-to-eat foods (such as Olivier salad، pasta)، and semi-prepared foods Pickles (such as pickled cucumber، olives) Various meat products (red meat، ground meat، chicken pieces) Different protein products (sausages، salami، nuggets، hamburgers) Various seafood products (such as shrimp، fish) Vegetables، legumes، fruits، and various salads Dairy products Bread and confectionery Various medical products

Quality verifications

  • Standards
    CE certification

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