automatic denester machine d007


the solution of placing containers on the machine, automatically and completely hygienically

In this machine, human intervention is eliminated and the containers are taken out of each other and loaded on the machine, automatically and continuously.

The big advantage of this device is the quick change of tray for containers with different sizes.Also, its accuracy in how to separate the containers from each other is one of the other its advantages.



The technical standards used in this machine make it the following advantages for the manufacturer when using the device.



 West Asia Steel Machinery Company, by its experienced engineers, has designed and built this machine for the convenience of manufacturers so that they can use the benefits of speed, accuracy and hygiene of separating containers from each other and their automatic placement on the machine.



  • This device is designed to be washable.

  • Hygienic system

  • Fast, easy, hygienic

  • intelligent – easy control

  • Easy settings

  • Requires very little compressed air

  • Ability to work with servo motors

  • Appropriate dimensions- saving the place

  • Ability to install on different systems

  • Maximum speed: 60 containers per minute

  • Placing the containers inside the machine automatically

  • Quick and easy change of tray for packing different containers

  • User friendly

  • Strong structure


Technical Specifications

  • Changeable tray_ fast and easy
  • Quick setting, for packing containers with different shapes
  • Ability to install on different systems
  • Steel body and strong structure
  • Has a conveyor to guide the container handles into the machine automatically
  • Device control by PLC
  • High quality electrical and pneumatic parts
  • High Quality electromotor and gearbox
  • With an inverter to control the speed of the device



  • Ability to install servo motor for more precise control with higher speed
  • Ability to have an additional tray to package the container in a different shape
  • Ability to install a system to place 2 to 3 containers at the same time



Placing containers automatically on other devices, to eliminate human interference and control the microbial load of containers, before filling the product into them

Separate high-speed containers from each other and remove several operators to separate containers from each other

Can be installed on automatic lines


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