Design style

Standard design, high technology level
And the user-friendly of the device

Observing the principles of international standards, paying attention to customer demands and their suggestions, our machinery faces valuable changes that ultimately increase the quality and technology of the company's machinery compared to the companies in the market.

High speed

West Asia Steel offers a variety of tray sealer packaging machines with different speeds.

The design and manufacture of these devices is done by West Asia Steel knowledge-based company
by experienced Iranian engineers.


very Accurate

The basic design of the device in accordance with international standards helps to increase the accuracy of the device.

The use of quality materials along with the standard design will increase the accuracy of the device.


intelligent system

The use of precision automation system by our experienced engineers increases the intelligence of the device, prevents possible errors and detects them.

High-quality electrical components help a lot to this issue.

Our goal is long-term and the most important is a strong presence in the international arena.

All-Iranian Design

West Asia Steel Machinery Company with its very powerful team, consisting of experienced and specialized engineers, is always looking to create new innovations in the design and manufacture of packaging machines.
This company is founded by Saeed Fatehi and the company's technical and engineering team is led and managed by him.

High speed tray sealer packaging machines

Automatic tray sealer machine in accordance with the latest technologies in the world

High speed – accurate – intelligent

Enhancing beauty and improving packaging by West Asia steel tray sealer packaging machines

  • Having motion systems with servo motor to guide containers into the tray and exit from the deviceServo motor system with precise and powerful gearbox to move the tray of the device
  • Servo motor system with precise and powerful gearbox to move the tray of the device Servo motor in the unwinding system for precise movement and prevent tearing and deviation of the film Stainless steel 304 L resistant to corrosion and oxidation Easy maintenance, washableHigh Efficiency – Long Life – Energy EfficiencyEconomical and user-friendly design

Packaging method using Inside cut system

If you are looking to increase the sales of your product or if you are thinking of a beautiful, attractive and unique packaging, we suggest you to use the Inside cut cutting system.

The more beautiful and attractive the packaging of your products is, it will naturally increase the sales of your collection, and you can easily commercialize your product with a better title and a better image using this unique cutting system. Appear in the market compared to your competitors and have effective advertisements in the same direction.

West Asia Steel is the only machine building complex in Iran that has the exclusive inside cut cutting system manufacturing technology and can offer it to its customers.

At the time of packaging with the Tray sealer machine, the film is usually cut from the edge of the container and some film will also protrude from the outer edge of the container. This cutting system is called Outside cut. Of course, in West Asia Steel Company’s machines, this cutting is also done beautifully, but by using this cutting system, some film is removed from the edge of the container.

In the Inside cut cutting system, according to the changes made in the electrical and mechanical system of Trey sealer devices by the experienced technical engineering team of this collection, the films are cut with much higher accuracy completely from inside the containers and there is no protrusion. The film will not take place from inside the container. On the other hand, by using this system, you have no restrictions in choosing the container and the film that will be poured on your container, in addition, you can have a beautiful and unique high-quality packaging. be that alone can guarantee the increase of your sales in your target market.

In this method, the amount of film waste has been reduced to the minimum possible, and it also reduces packaging costs. Another advantage of using this cutting system is the possibility of entering the export market, because the more stylish and beautiful your packaging is and the higher quality it is, the more confident you can enter these foreign markets. You can also place your product in the category of European packaging and packaging.


Design and manufacture of food packaging lines by tray sealer machine

  • Automatic denester machine/Adjustable for containers of different dimensions
  • Automatic Capper machine/Adjustable for containers with different lids
  • UV tunnel machine to sterilize containers
  • Gravity filler machine / Piston cylinder filler machine / Multihead filling machine for granular materials
  • Labeling machine /    /jet printer
  • Check weigher machine (weight control) with material checking system inside the product

Research on packaging of food products by MAP method - to increase their shelf life

Our goal is to extend the shelf life and freshness of products, and to remove unauthorized additives and preservatives by MAP method.

Tray sealer packing machines can pack the following products:

  • Packaging of prepared and semi-prepared food
  • Packaging of all kinds of meat and processed meat products
  • Packaging of vegetables
  • Packaging of all types of fruits
  • Packaging of nuts

West Asia steel company which is a knowledge based one is support scientific and academic centers.

Currently, several university centers use the machines of this company in their laboratory for free to research about.

Our goal is to obtain valuable information from the mentioned tests and provide this information to the manufacturers for free.

design and manufacturing of all kinds of tray sealer, vacuum chamber and thermoforming packaging machines by different capacity

West Asia Steel Machinery Company is a designer and manufacturer of all kinds of tray sealer, vacuum chamber and thermoforming packaging machines, which can pack all kinds of food products in plastic containers and covers.

The reputation of this company as an Iranian knowledge-based company in providing the mentioned packaging machines is in accordance with the latest technology.