Dairy Packaging Machine - Types, Prices, and Purchase

Dairy Packaging Machine - Types, Prices, and Purchase

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Dairy packaging machines are available in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual types, which are used for various industrial and home applications. Key considerations when designing rigid and flexible packaging can increase product shelf life.

Milk, cream cheese, feta cheese, sour cream, butter – What is the similarity between all of these products? Yes, they are all classified as dairy products. But what else do they share? They are all spoilable foods, meaning that when it comes to packaging and storage before entering the dairy shelf of the grocery store, they must undergo specific processing techniques and be packaged with a particular structure designed to preserve shelf life, food safety, and quality.

Dairy products are always recognized as the most sensitive items to spoilage. Spoilage of dairy products immediately affects their taste and appearance. Improper packaging significantly shortens the shelf life of the product.

For some key considerations when designing rigid and flexible packaging for dairy products we are available.


How Can We Increase the Shelf life of Dairy Products?

Blue cheese package

Control of Temperature: The most important factor in increasing the shelf life of dairy products is temperature. Dairy products should be stored at temperatures lower than 5 degrees Centigrade to prevent bacterial growth.

  • Pasteurization: Most dairy products are pasteurized to eliminate bacteria and microbes. This process helps increasing shelf life.
  • Proper Packaging: Secure packaging that protects the product toward air, light, and contamination helps to increase shelf life of the product.
  • Use of pH Regulators: In some dairy products, pH regulators such as lactic acid are used to create an unfavorable environment for bacteria.
  • Moisture Control: Dairy products should not be stored in humid conditions as moisture can promote microbial growth and spoilage.
  • Addition of Preservatives: Some preservatives like potassium sorbate and sodium nitrate can help to increase shelf life. However, preservatives should be used carefully and in compliance with regulations.
  • Utilization of Advanced Packaging Technology: Utilize of advanced packaging technologies such as modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and combined packaging materials to increase the shelf life of dairy products.
  • Attention to Hygiene in the Production Process: Hygiene is very important in all stages of production and packaging to prevent product contamination. In fact, one of the ways to increase the shelf life of food products is to minimize contamination and microbial load in these products.
  • Quality tests: Conducting regular quality tests to detect any defects or contamination in dairy products helps to increase shelf life.

Overall, a desirable combination of temperature, proper packaging, hygienic processes, and the use of modern technology can help to increase the shelf life of dairy products.

cucumber yogurt dip 

Hygienic Packaging for Dairy Products

Hygienic packaging for dairy products has significant importance:

  • Hygienic packaging prevents contamination and the transfer of bacteria and external microbes to dairy products. Therefore, suitable packaging helps to increase the shelf life of products and prevents premature spoilage.
  • On the other hand, hygienic and impermeable packaging preserves the odor and taste of dairy products, especially those susceptible to absorbing environmental odors and undergoing changes in odor and taste if exposed to open environments. Additionally, proper packaging facilitates easy transportation without leaks or returns.
  • Packaging can provide important information such as expiration dates, nutritional contents, and manufacturers to consumers, strengthening product advertising and marketing.
  • Unique packaging designs can contribute to brand definition and product recognition, leading to brand development. Consideration for consumer-friendly packaging designs should also be incorporated, as this encourages customer return and reselection of your product.

Increasing Beauty in Dairy Packaging

Increasing beauty in the packaging of dairy products is of great importance. The beauty of packaging plays a significant role in attracting consumers' attention and advertising the product. Attractive and beautiful packaging can interest customers to specific products and brands. Beautiful design, colors, fonts, and various types of packaging can define the brand identity and distinguish products from competitors.

Moreover, beautiful and creative packaging can enhance the consumer experience of products and encourage consumers to purchase and consume the products again. Among the important principles in designing hygienic and beautiful packaging are using qualified materials, accuracy in printing and labeling, creating a connection between packaging and content, and creating unique packaging to increase consumer appeal. These approaches help in market development and increasing sales and contribute to create a positive perception of the brand.


The Importance of Dairy Packaging

The primary concern of dairy industries regarding pasteurized liquid milk is the preservation of the quality and safety of the final product and maintaining the pleasant taste of milk.

Since dairy products includes a wide range of products, the type of packaging for various applications in this market is usually determined by the food product, preservation method, and shelf life.

 Below, I will mention some of the benefits of dairy packaging:


Product Protection: Proper packaging helps maintain the quality and shelf life of the product. Dairy products, due to their components such as protein, fat, and water, are sensitive to microbial factors, oxidation, and changes in temperature and light. Suitable packaging reduces contact with these factors and preserves the properties of the product.

Hygienic Control of the Product: Protective and secure packaging can prevent microbial contamination and other pollutants. This helps maintain consumer health.

Consumer Informing: Packaging containing important information such as production date, expiration date, ingredients, nutritional value, and usage guidelines. This information helps consumers make better decisions about product consumption.

Advertising and Marketing: Attractive and appropriate packaging can help promote the product. Appealing design, use of colors and patterns, type and shape of packaging can make the product more attractive to consumers and thereby increase sales.

Ease of Transportation: Proper packaging can reduce return loads during transportation. Additionally, appropriate weight and size of packaging can reduce transportation costs.

Inventory Control and Management: Proper packaging can help in inventory management and product shelf life. Since packaging can directly impact the shelf life of a product, choosing packaging materials and methods suitable for the product's needs is important.


Applications of Packaging Machines for Dairy Products

Our dairy packaging machines are designed for skillful packaging of dairy products including the following items:

  1. Milk
  2. Ground cheese
  3. Powdered cheese
  4. Milk powder
  5. Yogurt and yogurt drinks
  6. Soy milk
  7. Cheese
  8. Yogurt
  9. Cream and more.


Furthermore, all West Asia Steel machines, in addition to dairy products, are capable of packaging a wide variety of products including:

  1. Different nuts, dried fruits, and dates
  2. Various prepared cold foods
  3. Pickles (such as pickled cucumbers, olives)
  4. Various meat and protein products
  5. Vegetables, fruits, and various salads
  6. Bread and Confectionery


Types of Dairy Packaging

Dairy products are in various forms and types of packaging, which differ especially based on the type of product, production method, consumer needs, and marketing objectives. Below are some of them:

Plastic Packaging (PET, PP, HDPE, etc.): This type of packaging is considered one of the most common and widely used types. Products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and dairy products are packaged in this way.

cheese in plastic package

Plastic Bags with Inner Foil: This type of packaging is used for liquid products such as yogurt and milk. The inner foil helps preserve the freshness of the product and maintains its quality.

Plastic Bags with Inner Foil

Packaging in Pouch: This type of packaging is used for liquid products such as yogurt or products with various slices like cheese and butter.

Aluminum Packaging: For products that require protection from light and air, such as butter or cheese, aluminum packaging with inner foil is used.

Glass Packaging: For some products like desserts, cream-filled yogurts, and cheese that require maintaining quality and an appealing appearance, glass packaging is used.


Types of Dairy Packaging Machines

Every year, a considerable amount of dairy products across the country are produced and packaged by factories, restaurants, small workshops, or home-based businesses. One of the attractive packaging methods for dairy products is the vacuum method. The advanced technologies of these machines help preserve the freshness and quality of the product. In the vacuum method, the product is placed inside a multi-layer covering, and then the air inside the container is sent out and replaced with desired gases using a vacuum machine. This packaging method not only preserves freshness and quality but also increases the shelf life and reduces product wastage.Top of Form 

In the following, we review number of the machines used for packaging dairy products together:


Automatic Tray-Sealer Packaging Machine for Dairy Products

The packaging process in this machine is as follows:

  1. Pre-made trays are automatically placed (by the automatic denester) or manually placed on the machine. Then loading of milk, cheese, or other dairy products into the tryas is done. This can be done automatically (by the filling machine) or manually by the operator.
  1. Then the trays containing the product are directed into the mold of the machine, vacuumed, and if necessary, injected with gas, and then sealed. At this stage, the film is sealed onto the tray.
  2. After this stage, the packaged trays can be directed to the labeler, and dates and other information can be printed on them.

The Automatic Tray-Sealer Packaging Machine is one of the products manufactured by West Asia Steel Company.


Features of the Machine:

  • Easy setting and adjustments by the operator.
  • Adjustable for various sizes of trays.
  • Various options available according to customer requirement.

For more information, you can visit the page of the automatic tray-sealer packaging machine.

 Automatic and semi-automatic triple sealer packaging machine

Semi-Automatic Tray-Sealer Packaging Machine for Dairy Products

The semi-automatic tray-sealer machine is used for daily packaging of dairy products on a small to medium scale. This machine is also utilized in stores, restaurants (for takeout food), and small workshops.

The operation of the machine is such that after placing the filled trays with the product on its mold by the operator, the machine table rotates 180 degrees, and then the operator sends the packaging command by pressing the machine's keys.

The Semi-automatic tray-sealer packaging machine is one of the products manufactured by West Asia Steel Company.


Features of the Machine

  • Suitable for low to medium packaging capacities.
  • Requires small space.
  • Affordable price and easy usability.
  • Various options available according to customer requirement.

For more information, you can visit the page of the semi-automatic tray-sealer packaging machine.


Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machine for Dairy Products

The vacuum chamber packaging machine (single chamber and double chamber), is used for packaging various food products, including dairy products, in plastic bags.

In this machine, the products are placed by the operator in plastic bags. Then the products are placed inside the cabinet of the machine by lowering the cabinet door by the operator, and vacuuming, injecting gas if necessary, and sealing operations are performed. Several pouches are sealed simultaneously.

Usually, vacuum packaging for dairy products is done in weights of 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams, etc., which can be done with vacuum chamber machines.

 Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machine

Features of the Machine:

  • Packaging products with full vacuum or MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) method.
  • Equipped with a high-powered rotary oil vacuum pump with very strong suction.
  • Strong and error-free sealing.

For more information, you can visit the page of the vacuum chamber packaging machine.


Thermoforming Packaging Machine for Dairy Products

The Thermoforming Packaging Machine designed and manufactured by West Asia Steel Company is widely used in packaging many medical and food products, including dairy products. This machine is extensively utilized by numerous factories. With this machine, you can automatically package your products in flexible or rigid film.

Using this machine, it's possible to produce in different sizes and package them using various methods.

Packaging some dairy products like various types of cheese using the Skin Pack method is one of the attractive packaging methods where the products are placed in separate compartments inside the tray and then sealed with a transparent film.

If you need packaging machines in specific capacities, you can contact us to provide necessary guidance on manufacturing a machine with your desired capacity.

Automatic fillers (multi-head weighers) are used in number of packaging lines to increase automation. However, in many cases, the weighing process is done manually by operators, and products are loaded into trays in both ways.

Features of the Thermoforming Packaging Machine by West Asia Steel Company:

  • Easy to clean, stainless steel body resistant to corrosion and oxidation.
  • Compatibility with various trays and products.
  • Ability to install various fillers on the machine.
  • Filling liquids, both diluted and concentrated, with weighing fillers.
  • Ability to install labelers and jet printers on the machine.
  • Customizable options based on customer requirements.

For more information, you can visit the page of the thermoforming packaging machine.


Manual Machine

The manual machine is used for packaging foodstuff, including dairy, in small volumes and at low speeds. All packaging stages using this machine are done manually by an operator. The process of this machine involves placing the products into trays by the operator, and after placing the trays in the machine, the sealing operation is performed by pulling down the machine's lever. This machine is used for packaging products at home, in supermarket, or in small workshops.


manual machine

Optimize Your Production with our Dairy Filling Machines

If you have specific needs for your dairy packaging equipment, we can cooperate with you to create a custom solution.

  • Loading of tray
  • Filling
  • Labeling
  • Weight checking

We can utilize fillers, checker weighers, vertical fillers, sealing machines, labeling, and turntables for efficient packaging of your dairy products. Whether it's whole milk, almond milk, soy milk, or anything else, our dairy packaging machines simplify your production process.


Types of Films Used in Dairy Product Packaging

Since we at West Asia Steel Company specialize in packaging various food products as well as medical and pharmaceutical items, we can provide you with necessary information on selecting the right type of film and suitable packaging tray for your product.

You can consult with our experienced experts and purchase the desired film and tray with the best possible price.

The types of films used in dairy packaging include: 2-layer usual films, multilayer barrier films, skin-pack films, anti-fog films, and so on.

West Asia Steel Company offers trays with various materials for food and pharmaceutical purposes.

Decades of innovation and expertise have made polystyrene the most popular material for dairy product packaging. In fact, almost all packaging designed for the dairy market utilizes polystyrene, including yogurt, butter, ice cream, cream, yogurt, cheese, etc. Years of work on polystyrene packaging have turned them into an excellent solution for packaging designers, product manufacturers, and consumers.

There are many reasons why polystyrene is highly suitable for dairy applications.


Gas Permeability

One of the most practical and interesting reasons for this successful combination is that dairy products like yogurt continue to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) after packaging. Polystyrene packaging provides the possibility of CO2 release, making it an ideal packaging solution for dairy products.


Convenience and Stability, All in One

We're all familiar with multi-packaging used for some dairy products. Your favorite multi-pack yogurt packaging makes your lunch packing much easier and cleaner. Did you know that polystyrene is the only material that enables this? And this is a strength for dairy producers and their customers.

Top of Form


Processing of Polystyrene is Easier, Faster, and More Cost-effective Compared to Other Polymers.

Polystyrene has a processing speed 20 to 30 percent faster than other polymers, especially with complex and multi-purpose thermoforming machines. It can be quickly molded into its final shape. Additionally, polystyrene doesn't require pre-drying. Unlike other polymers, there's no need for special machinery, energy, time, or cost for this stage.

Furthermore, it offers more value for your money. Due to polystyrene's durable nature, fewer materials are needed to achieve similar strength and hardness compared to other polymers. It also provides a high level of transparency and is recyclable.


Polystyrene is Recyclable

Due to its unique molecular structure and easy identification, polystyrene is one of the best plastics for sorting and recycling. It can be recycled using several technology methods, including mechanical and advanced technologies, all while retaining its exceptional properties.


In a Busy Market, Stand out

Increase customer loyalty with flexible packaging featuring unique benefits and user-friendliness, while also saving costs and streamlining your supply chain. Packaging your products with stainless steel machinery from West Asia Steel offers numerous advantages, including:

  1. Freshness and longer shelf life after opening.
  2. Ergonomic and user-friendly sealing systems.
  3. Packaging customization capability to meet your market's unique requirements.
  4. Compact design optimizing shelf space, transportation, and storage.
  5. Solutions that reduce your environmental effects and generate less waste.

West Asia Steel offers machines for packaging your solid, liquid, and powdered dairy products. If you're looking for dairy packaging machines, we have several options to ensure your food remains safe and qualified. Our dairy packaging machines come with a standard stainless steel frame. We can assist you in filling, packaging, and labeling products such as yogurt, butter, cream cheese, ground cheese, powdered milk and Parmesan cheese.


Important Points to Consider When Purchasing Dairy Packaging Machines

Purchasing dairy packaging machines is an important and complex process. Keeping the following key points in mind can help you choose the suitable machine:

  1. Type of Products: Packaging varies depending on the type of product. Make sure the machine you intend to purchase is suitable for the type of dairy products you produce. Are your products liquid, sliced, or a combination of these cases?
  2. Machine Capacity: Determine the capacity of the desired packaging machine. Is the capacity and speed of the machine compatible with your needs?
  3. Packaging Type: Check if the machine is capable of packaging in the type and shape you require. Does it support plastic, paper, or foil packaging?
  4. Packaging Variety: If you intend to produce a variety of products, the machine should be able to adjust settings and offer packaging variety.
  5. Packaging Quality: The packaging machine should produce qualified and firm packaging to ensure product quality and consumer satisfaction.
  6. Ease of Use and Maintenance: The machine should be simple and user-friendly, and if needed for repairs and after-sales service, access to spare parts and skilled technicians should be readily available.
  7. Standards and Licenses: Ensure that the machine meets the necessary standards and licenses for the production and packaging of your dairy products.
  8. Compatibility with Other Systems: Is there the possibility of connecting to other systems to automate the production line?
  9. Price and Budget: Make sure the price of the machine is compatible with your budget and reasonably corresponds to the quality and capabilities of the machine.

Ultimately, before purchasing dairy packaging machine, thorough research and consultation with experts in the field can help you make a better decision.

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The Purchase Price of Dairy Packaging Machines

The price of dairy packaging machines is influenced by various factors. Some of these factors include:

  1. Technology and Features: Machines with more advanced technology and unique features generally have higher prices. For example, fully automatic machines with advanced controls may be priced higher than semi-automatic machines.
  2. Brand and Manufacturer: The brand reputation and manufacturer also play a significant role. Well-known brands may have higher prices, but they often provide better quality and after-sales services.
  3. Size and Capacity: Machines with larger sizes and capacities usually have higher prices. Considering your production needs and capacity can impact your choice of machine.
  4. Materials and parts Used: The quality of materials and parts used in the construction of the machine also affects the price. Machines using qualified and durable parts may cost more.

Considering the diversity of these factors, consulting with suppliers and manufacturers of packaging machines can help you make the best choice for your specific needs. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and assist you.


Request for Purchase Consultation

If you're looking for a smart and successful decision for purchasing dairy packaging machines for your production, we're ready to accompany you on this journey. Our team's experience and expertise in dairy packaging machinery are powerful tools to help you easily and confidently select the machines that best meet your needs. Please contact us so that we can introduce you to the best solutions and machines based on a precise understanding of your requirements. Trust in making the right purchase begins with thorough consultation.Top of Form





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With the support of more than ۲۲ years of experience in the packaging machinery industry, West Asia Steel is specialized in the field of designing and manufacturing all kinds of trisealer packaging machines.

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