Dairy products packing machine

Dairy products packing machine

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Hard cheeses with a relatively low water content are typically prone to mold, while products such as cream and soft cheeses, which have a high moisture content, are prone to fermentation and sourness and yeast.

Prevent corruption in dairy products:

We have specifically considered solutions that are challenged by dairy professionals.

Microbial growth and acidity are the main causes of declining quality of dairy products. The type of failure depends on the characteristics of the product.

Hard cheeses with a relatively low water content are typically prone to mold, while products such as cream and soft cheeses, which have a high moisture content, are prone to fermentation and sourness and yeast.

Lactobacillus, which is widely used in the dairy industry, can even sour products by reducing the PH. This may be exacerbated by improper atmosphere in the pack, along with excessive amounts of carbon dioxide.

Prevent mold formation by using carbon dioxide:

Carbon dioxide is the main gas used in the packaging of high-hardness pins. This can effectively stop or reduce microbial activity and help maintain tissue texture.

20% of CO2 concentration can severely inhibit the growth of mold fungi. Lactic acid bacteria, a natural cheese compound, can hardly be affected by the atmosphere inside the container.

Soft cheeses are also packaged in atmosphere with higher CO2 levels and lower oxygen levels to protect against bacterial growth and acidity.

CO2 levels up to 100% are used for hard cheeses. However, for soft cheeses, this amount is reduced to 20 to 40 %.

High-value cheeses, such as some shredded cheeses are packaged in the modified atmosphere. Grated cheese is usually packaged in 70% of nitrogen and 30% of carbon dioxide atmosphere. By limiting CO2 to 30%, manufacturers can prevent package failure.

These products show us a new window of opportunities.

In the past, traditional products such as cheese and yogurt were not packaged in modified atmosphere, but now the way we work has changed and we are moving in the right direction that we have to meet the demands of the market, we have to offer our products with higher durability. For example, we can increase the shelf life of cheese by CO2 for up to a week without the use of chemical preservatives

We have to keep the cream fresh:

Cream and dairy products containing cream are quickly exposed in the oxygen and air to sourness. but by replacing oxygen with nitrogen, manufacturers can prevent acidity and growth of aerobic bacteria.

Packaging of confectionery and non-dairy bakery products:

the main process of spoilage for confectionery and non-dairy bakery products is mold growth, stale and loss of moisture. Yeasts may cause problems with some frozen products. Also, due to the fact that in non-dairy bakery products, the growth of bacteria is inhibited, usually less than one percent can cause problems.

However, other species such as Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus grow in these products and can pose a risk if there is problem creates potential food poisoning. As a result, health care needs to be taken into account.

Using the modified atmosphere method (MAP) can increase the shelf life of products such as sweets and breads that do not have a dairy base. Because molds are aerobic microorganisms, they can be inhibited by a mixture of N2 and CO2 gases. The gas to product ratio is often 2 to 1. With the use of barrier film and container, can be prevented the moisture transfer from the package.

The modified atmosphere method (MAP) has a significant effect on maintaining health and preventing product failure.

It is necessary to mention that the rate of spoilage (stale bread) increases at cold temperatures, so most products, such as sweets and bread, require less cold and are usually stored at room temperature.

In the case of hot bakery products, the process of staling the product is done by the degradation of starch, while the heating cycle can reverse this trend.

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