West Asia Steel Company can fully take responsibility for equipping your packaging line to pack your products in plastic containers
The automation offered by this company can be a solution to an automatic work method, away from possible contamination.

These accessories include:

  • Automatic denester machine at the beginning of the line
  • Filler Conveyor Machine

  • Arranging Machine

  • Connector conveyor device

  • Front Conveyor Machine

  • Rower Machine – Convert multiple rows to one row

  • Output Rotary Table

The technical standards used in this machine make it the following advantages for the manufacturer when using the device

  • High-quality electrical and electronic parts for easy and convenient use of the device
  • Using high-quality electric motors and gearboxes for long-term error-free use of the device
  • Powerful pneumatic system for error-free packaging
  • Quality parts and precise movement systems for smooth and error-free operation of the device
  • Steel structure and body with corrosion resistant materials
  • Steel connections to prevent oxidation and possible damage
  • Ergonomic and principled design for easy washing of the device and no damage to the parts

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