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West Asia Steel, with a brilliant history in the packaging machinery industry, has been operating for about 22 years and has been specialized in designing and manufacturing various types of tray sealer packaging machines for 10 years.

Food industry consultations

Buying a packaging machine alone cannot completely satisfy the customer’s need for product packaging, because the method and conditions of product production and maintenance, as well as the correct way to prepare and package the product had high great importance.

Product packaging before purchasing the device

This work will have advantages for you to get to know more about how to do the machine’s work and how to order the machine and equipment you need.

The correct method of packaging and developing work

The shape of the packaging, pollution control and increasing the shelf life of the product are very important things that, if chosen correctly, can help the customer’s success in expanding the product market.

periodic services

By maintaining communication with customers and periodically visiting the packaging machines manufactured by this company, breakdowns and work interruption can be avoided to a large extent.

After- sales Services

The West Asia Steel after-sales service unit is ready to respond to customers and solve their problems 24 hours a day during seven days a week.

spare parts

If you are provided with spare parts, the investment to buy the machine will be more valuable.

When machine spare pieces break down, this company will send spare parts as soon as possible

Major repairs

During several years of using the machines, they will be exposed to wear and tear, which will require major repairs such as over hall.

Equipping the packaging line

Our customers can benefit from the valuable experiences of technical experts of this company in order to choose the right device and equipment.